Friday, February 23, 2007

Even More Sonically Sublime: The True Reigning Mightiest Soul Queen, Alice Russell

The utterly exquisite live clip of "Hurry On Now" that I had here previously has been deleted, but this clip of "Seven Nation Army" (shot in Paris) is, if less miraculous, still the bearer of lovely things to come – via a new Alice R. live DVD due for release in June '07.

More Miss Winehouse: Loveliness with Paul Weller, Tears Dry..., and Drunken Hilarity with Loathsome Charlotte Church

While I wait anxiously to finally see the brilliant Miss Amy (and if all is right with the world, the Dap-Kings backing her up, as they did at the sold out Joe's Pub shows in NYC) on March 19 at the Roxy and again on March 20 at Spaceland, I stumbled upon the above-cited absolutely fucking hilarious video of the girl drunk on the (hideous) Charlotte Church show as the two mangle a song that was dismal to begin with. No fault of Amy on the mangling—if I had to be onstage with Charlotte Church I'd need to get lit first in kind. And to balance the scales, I had intended to include this lovely version of the shimmering Motown magnificence that is "Tears Dry on Their Own," but then I made the even more gorgeous discovery of the girl with Paul Weller on a slightly lopsided take on "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" and a breath-defying take on "Don't Go to Strangers." Dig...