Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Inevitable Swing Out Redux: The Mighty Return!!!!!!

I'm very impatiently waiting to get my hands on my copy of Beautiful Mess (many thanks again to my boy in SF (that'd be Remi) for saving me the Japanese price tag), but in anticipation I had to post the resplendent promo spot for "Something Everyday," along with the lovely display on and a note to all that you MUST visit the SOS MySpace to hear the miraculous new version of "Secret Love" (any worries that the original drum machine version might have sparked are now well-doused by the classic Swing Out magnificence of the lavish new model) and the LP title track. More to come once I've been able to soak in all of the beauty of the full-length, but from these first tastes it sounds like a return to sublime form for the mighty Corinne and Andy, and a sweet step up from Where Our Love Grows. And doesn't Andy look beautiful in this 1993 rehearsal clip? Posted by the man himself! xxooxx to the brilliant ones for reducing me to a giddy schoolgirl once again.

Brilliant + Gorgeous Even on a Covent Garden Streetcorner: Roisin Murphy

The ever-lovely and brilliant Roisin sent out a MySpace bulletin in advance of her appearance on a Covent Garden streetcorner for the BBC Culture Show's busking challenge, but I never could have expected that it would sound so shimmeringly lustrous. That she would look impeccable was a given, but this illitimably gorgeous (and far superior to the electro version) acoustic arrangement of "You Know Me Better" (combined with the adorable nature of her rapport with her backup girls) are just too brilliant to go unviewed and unheard. Thanks to my boy Remi and the often-invaluable OMG Blog for the heads-up. This bonus clip of "Sow Into You" live at Paradiso is not as miraculous as the clip I first saw on TV in rural Spain, but it's still pretty damn lovely.