Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh My Fucking God—The Most Exquisite White Boy Alive (Mark Ronson) + The BBC Orchestra!!!!!!!!!

There are many reasons why I haven't written a word on here in more than 6 months, all of them involving my ridiculously complicated love for the most epically beautiful boy alive in Manizales, Colombia, and an ill-fated trip to Buenos Aires that resulted in a horrifically painful broken shoulder and 2 subsequent surgeries (all good now at long last), but I'm back – and can't think of anything MORE INEFFABLY FUCKING MIRACULOUS to rouse me out of my slumber than this new (to me at least) footage of the also godly beautiful Mark R. conducting the BBC Concert Orchestra as if he WERE David Axelrod. Sonic sublimity rivalling Ryota + the always lustrous sight of Mark in all his exquisite loveliness – with the added bonus of the also slightly lovely Charlie Waller from the Rumble Strips (on his miraculous rethink of "Back to Black" that's one more distancing step from Amy, who I now hate with a passion – all of her success should be going to Alice R., who would handle it with actual GRACE), and the more beautiful Alex Greenwald (my Phantom Planet love) in the shimmeringly radiant spot for "Just." Dig. xxoo, B.