Thursday, September 28, 2006

Who Knew Mario Lopez's Ass Was So Lovely

First off, a qualifier: I've been trying to post several clips of sonic god Gustavo Cerati by way of effusing over my recent discovery of his miraculous 1999 disc Bocanada and commenting on the Latin Grammy nominations (Cerati, Ed Motta, Eddie Palmieri nominated—a gorgeous thing), but Youtube seems to be having tech difficulties, so I thought I'd press on. I gave in to the charms of Nip/Tuck last season just in time to see beautiful Bruno Campos getting faux-f*cked by Bryce Johnson. While I still say that it's not nearly as twisted as it thinks, in Season 4 it seems to be getting there, and apart from its other mightily amusing aspects thus far—i.e. the music director's continued love of the mighty Gotan Project, along with Nouvelle Vague, Bitter:Sweet, and more sonic loveliness, and a horde of entertaining guest spots in the first few episodes alone—the most beautiful thus far has unexpectedly been Mario Lopez's absolutely sublime ass in a brilliant shower scene with Julian McMahon (also showing his ass much this year, and it is kinda hot). I can't help remembering Lopez's fag turn as Greg Louganis (especially the rape scene), but also think the timing's sort of hilarious and brilliant given his new gig as host of SiTV's new dating game show the The Dating Factory (proof that SiTV can most definitely be misguided and inept, but I still love them for their booking stellar music (soul goddess Destani Wolf (who I'll be writing more on), my boys Volumen Cero, Bitter:Sweet, Glory, and Crown City Rockers, to name a few) and Latin honeys (Jose Solano breakdancing, Heroes' Santiago Cabrera, and the perennially godly Nicholas Gonzalez and Adam Rodriguez have been welcome and f*cking magnificent sights as always) for The Drop, amid reruns of Resurrection Blvd. and New York Undercover, both of which I also always dug). I'll post more on what makes SiTV essential another time, in the meantime, check this beautiful ass... (Click on image for larger view.)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Beautiful Boy Sighting: Adrian Grenier

Once again I have a mightily ridiculous amount of things to catch up on post-wise (sorry, but I haven't felt much like writing—largely because I'm pining for a sublime young Mexican boy named Oscar who happens to be a trannie-chaser). Still, I am reeling from having just seen the perennially beautiful Adrian Grenier having dinner on the patio at Alcove, two blocks up from my apartment. Everyone knows of my profound hatred of and contempt for the hellish dystopia that is Los Angeles, but it has two saving graces: a surplus of magnificent bands (The Rebirth, Nino Astronauta, Volumen Cero, Juguete, Build an Ark, Future Pigeon, Very Be Careful, and so on; all of whom have to lag behind the true gods of the world (a.k.a. Kinky)) and soul girls (Destani Wolf, Nailah, Joy Jones, Kim Hill...)—and the fact that I can catch sight of godly star boys like Adrian Grenier in my own hood. It's doubly nice that I've seen him just two days after I've FINALLY found photos of his ass after searching for years (I've had an Adrian crush since Drive Me Crazy.). As for this season of Entourage, it most certainly had its moments, the only one of which that's coming to mind is Jeremy Piven's Ari asking Lloyd what it feels like to "get fucked in the ass," to which the hyper-effete Lloyd answers that he wouldn't know because he's a top, at which Ari reels in disbelief. All that said, Adrian's shown much thigh during the show's run, but never actual ass. My last good beautiful boy sighting (film boy-wise) was the last time I saw (my foremost years-long crush, after Jimi Mistry) the ever-exquisite Clifton Collins, Jr. And yes, I know how trite and faggy this post sounds, but lest we forget that despite my being able to spout on the entire Jazztronik catalogue and decades-worth of bossa nova and Afro-Cuban, I am still a fag, and wouldn't have it any other way (apart from the fact that I have nothing to date in this hellacious city). I do have an even more miraculously sublime film-boy (even leagues more godly, and also seen in my hood) ass to post on, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Afro-Latin Fire via Adorable Brits:

Another magnificent YT find: the Ondo boys. The Cubano-Brasileiro skills are ABSOLUTELY BREATH-DEFYING, the resume includes work with Reel People, Gilles P., Artful Dodger, Soul Avengerz, and Stereo MC's—and they happen to be mightily adorable.

Soaking Wet Olive-Skinned Loveliness: Fussible in the Canary Islands (Northwest Africa)

I never thought I'd trouble myself with posting anything that was only :24 long, but this is well on the remarkable side—i.e., I wish I were dancing to Fussible on a boat in the Canary Islands, and some of these boys are clearly honeys.

Incendiary Jazz-Dance Killers: Soil + Pimp Sessions Live In France

Diluting the Fagginess With a Little Oh-My-Damn-Worthy Live in Austria Bugz In the Attic

A Simple Holy F*ck Will Suffice

This is such matchless genius that I can but dumbfoundedly quote the official YT caption: "Tassan's snowboarding movie in Japanese mountains presented at his wedding. Special thanks to kyoto jazz massive & mondo grosso." (One add/caveat: I MUST FUCKING GO TO JAPAN!!!!!!)

Jocelyn + Jestofunk

Filling the absence of Jocelyn from the last Incog post, dig her with Jestofunk in suitably lush Thomas Crown biting mode. I'd recommend searching for Jocelyn on Youtube yourself for more, namely footage of her performing the perennial "Somebody Else's Guy" (and "Believe") at a Fashion Cares benefit in Toronto that's just too faggy for me to post here. Now I'm only left to flash back to the religious experience of seeing the goddess herself with the live Nuyorican Soul band in Central Park, and pining for the fact that I can't make it to the JC on October 4-5...

London Philly Cairo Seoul

It doesn't seem right to post Mojo without chasing it with some Incog, and since I just happened on this rather gorgeous footage of the Cogs take on the Jones Girls' "Nights Over Egypt" live on Seoul TV (sadly without the goddess Jocelyn B.), it seemed an apt chaser.

Sweet Rioja In an Old School Acid Jazz Mindset: Mojo Project Live in Toledo

I did finally get the elusive Taste the Mojo and the better part of Re Mojo via iTunes (and thankfully not @ Spanish import prices), and though I was slightly dismayed to find that nothing remotely matches the unabashed sun-drenched bliss of "Free," all is still quite nice... rendering this footage a rare gem just the same.