Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Belated First Random Aesthetic Loveliness of 2011: The Adorable + Miraculously Skilled Killian Martin in EPICALLY LUSTROUS Color

A belated happy new year all, once again I know haven't been posting enough (spending too much constantly populating my Facebook wall in random aesthetic shorthand + saving only the finest exquisite luster for the blog—if you'd like more please don't hesitate to send me a friend request. I promise the blog'll be updated MUCH more frequently this year! In the meantime, I found the charmingly goofy Man About Town clip w/ the adorable + miraculously skilled Killian Martin this morning via the brilliant Fox is Black, + as often happens it led me to several INFINITELY FINER clips—these being especially resplendent, in EPICALLY FAULTLESS color, all directed by Brett Novak + scored to idyllic songs by Patrick Watson. Enjoy........ xxoo, B.