Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sonic Loveliness for the Morning via My Facebook Homegirl Gigi Lau: Ahmad Jamal + Richard Evans Make Like Tjader + Schifrin

Once again I've been guilty of neglecting to write anything w/ my blog postings but that's about to change. In the meantime I'll say that I have to give my Facebook homegirl Gigi Lau a MIGHTY thanks for turning me onto this EPIC Ahmad Jamal piece arranged by the inimitably brilliant Richard Evans on Argo c. 1963—the same year that the gods Cal Tjader + Lalo Schifrin made their archetypal COLOSSAL + ETERNALLY SUBLIME Asian jaunt on Several Shades of Jade. Ahmad + Richard just followed Afro-Colombian suit in MAGNIFICENTLY MASSIVE fashion!!! The way a big band should sound—like they're LEVELING a city when they're truthfully just ELEVATING it to boundless new heights............ xo, B.!