Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kinky Loveliness Redux Part 8 – Hasta Quermanos

Hello all,

While I'm sad and bitter today (even more so than usual (xo)) that the beautiful ones have gigs throughout Texas this week (McAllen and Laredo were postponed, but Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are still getting the boys in all their sublimity) but NOT playing in Austin (ugh!!!)... I was hoping it was because they'd be doing SXSW but alas, it's not to be. If any of my Austin people care to offer a ride to San Antonio for their Club Rio gig on Saturday I'd be ETERNALLY grateful. Meanwhile, stay tuned for my breakdown of the best of the SXSW schedule (Monareta! Zoe! Primal Scream! (The goddess) Alice Russell!) as I brace for my first one and ponder how I'll make it through without getting plastered (Xanax anyone?), and take solace/enjoy the godly ones last week (I assume – miraculously for once I wasn't alerted to it by 18,000 different sources) on Jimmy Kimmel. I was under Gil getting drenched in (his) magnificent sweat at the front of the crowd for their last Kimmel appearance (wait a moment while I calm the vapors and the necessary swooning (xxooxx)), but unfortunately I couldn't be there for this one (one of the only things I'll ever miss about hell-A – not being in the same city as Kinky and Volumen Cero (a.k.a. the illimitably resplendent Lucho and his boys)). I'm also tossing in a lustrous Kinky photo I hadn't yet seen for good measure. As always, dig!

Best and xo, B.