Friday, March 12, 2010

Far from Random Aesthetic Loveliness: A Brief Dose of Inhabitat @ Its Most Lustrously Flawless

Hello all,

I've been feeling perennially rather guilty for months that my Facebook page has become my shorthand blog updated countless times daily while these pages haven't been tended nearly as much as they should, and the area where that's most glaringly obvious is in the volumes + volumes of blissfully opulent + vibrant posts I've shared from the site that's become my aesthetic bible, Inhabitat. Yes, Inhabitat is largely a site about green design, + yes, in that respect it ceaselessly comes correct with the most blindingly, awe-inspiringly epic innovations, but it also indefatigably orchestrates + conveys them via a barrage of equally staggeringly luxurious + miraculously hued aesthetics that's bafflingly briliant + absolutely unparalleled. As such I've become an unapologetic junkie in need of a constant fix of their vertigo-inducing brew of future-is-now-50s-sci-fi-dusted—as in that can't possibly finally be a reality, but it FUCKING IS!!!!!—technology (@ which point you realize that it's also purely in the service of eco-innovation + sustainable design, + your disbelief grows even more in the loveliest way....) + psychotropically, bow-to-your-knees-in-stupid-unintelligible-reverence all-encompassing Technicolor sublimity.

Here then is the first of many to come bits of Inhabitat loveliness: a piece on "Shanghai's River Cooled International Cruise Terminal." Now, I'm close enough to senility (I know, I'm not even 38 yet but I've been through the ringer a thousand times over, I'll leave it @ that) that I make no pretenses that I understand a fraction of their scientific jargon, but it looks shiny/immaculately shimmering—+ I know it's all in the most noble vein of unrelenting environmental innovation, so I just nod, smile, + pass on the eye-searing beauty.

And to that I'll add one last caveat—while an ineffable amount of Inhabitat posts are of this peerless quality, there are also many on a more banal bent, so if anyone thinks I'm not editing or filtering these (as I suspect some of my Facebook peops might occasionally), rest assured that I'm only passing on the best. xo, B.!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sonic Loveliness for the Afternoon via My Facebook Brother (One of a Few!) Andrea Quarteri: Cubano Flavor!

Sonic Loveliness for the Morning via My Facebook Homegirl Gigi Lau: Not a Bossa Nova

Something I should do a lot more often, share the wealth from my ineffably brilliant and lovely Facebook community—a.k.a. this immaculately polished jewel via my homegirl/sonic guru Gigi Lau! If this one gets neglected it's because my FB page is my shorthand blog, the one I use just for sharing links and quick non-sequiturs at a rapid pace, but this is where the supreme distillation comes together—only the best!!! Dig! xo, B.