Thursday, October 15, 2009

Far from Random Aesthetic SUBLIMITY for the Morning: New Lisa Adams BRILLIANCE!

An absolute Technicolor STUNNER from my ineffably brilliant friend Lisa Adams!!!! "In Anticipation of Aberrancy"—lustrous, radiant, resplendent, exquisite and beyond—even I don't have enough adjectives... how apt that I was (and still am...) listening to Sabrina Malheiros' New Morning as she posted it via Facebook! My early morning need for epically saturated color (a thirst that's perennial @ every millisecond of the day, but never more so than after sunrise—especially on a grey morning...) has been more than quenched now that I'm soaking here—congratulations girl!!! xo, B.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Aesthetic Loveliness of the Day Redux: OH MY DAMN (My Reaction...)

Random Aesthetic Loveliness of the Day: Technicolor Shimmer via Bacardi of All Things—Crass Commercialism Done Right

Not Quite Random Aesthetic Loveliness of the Day: Emigré #70

I can't honestly claim that I gave Emigré enough of a chance or say that they had a profound influence on my formative years as a budding designer for one simple reason—I for the most have a completely different type aesthetic. The ubiquity/omnipresence of their fonts was always so much more pronounced than the loveliness and luster of their grander design scheme of things. BUT, that said, I know that that's too glib a dismissal + that I most likely missed a lot of loveliness that I'm glad to now go back and reconsider. They gave respect to my early design idols (the godly Vaughn Oliver, Chris Bigg, Neville Brody...), so I always knew their heart was in the right place. Now thanks to this lovely new tome—Emigré mag issue 70: the last issue that never came out/or has been newly devised as a retrospective. Dig! xo, B.

Sonic Sublimity for the Morning: In a Brit Jazz Mode (a.k.a. John Dankworth is a God—Drawing a Lineage)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not Quite Random Aesthetic Loveliness of the Day: Stunning Advert for the Massive Monareta

As many of you already well know, I essentially worship Monareta, and view any chance to glimpse/partake in their massive live spectacle is a gateway to instant blissful lustre—especially if the ineffably beautiful Checho is guesting on drums. But this particular Bogota gig—launching for La Otra Feria de Arte Contemporáneo 2009, on a bill w/ Kompakt's DJ Koze—looks to be an even more radiant endeavor than usual if this exquisite flyer is any indication. Hell, I'd love to live in that building—especially if Monareta were my house band!!!! xo, B.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Most Achingly Exquisite, Crushingly Sublime + Indefatigably Radiantly Beautiful Boy Alive: LUKE PASQUALINO

My dream husband, my ideal boy in every way—the achingly exquisite, crushingly sublime + indefatigably radiantly beautiful Luke Pasqualino! I've come to live by Skins in recent months ever stumbling upon + falling in love with Luke, but it is a brilliant series in most respects—whether or not I'm a teenage Brit, which clearly I'm not, I identify character trait-wise with Luke's Freddie (although heaven knows I'd give anything to look like him (well, I'd give everything I've ever owned to marry him (or most certainly less), but that's another story), Emily, Jay J, + even Thomas in many differing respects. With the season end coming tomorrow night (on BBC America, natch), I thought it apt to finally post some Luke in all his godly beauty...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Far from Random Aesthetic Loveliness Redux: Sabrina Malheiros in Honor of Rio 2016

Posted on Facebook by none other Sabrina herself!—a new take on her own beautiful bossa instant classic in honor of the Rio 2016 Olympics that I just had to pass on because it's too damn radiantly lovely!!! xo, B.

Not Quite Random Aesthetic Loveliness of the Day: Soundwalk

I'm cautiously optimistic about the prospect of checking out Soundwalk here in Long Beach this evening, and if nothing else am glad just to have something to do in the LBC other than biding my time @ the usual fag bars waiting for somebody intriguing to come in or something (welcome +) unexpected to happen. I've always dug sound installation as a medium, in no small part because I grew up as an industrial boy, with the ambient pastoral soundscapes of (the mighty) SPK, Hafler Trio, Zoviet France et. al... Besides it's lovely enough just to have an excuse to post their brilliantly lustrous graphic (of which I'm more than a little jealous!)! xo, B.

Sonic Sublimity of the Most Miraculous Kind: Nortec Transmuted by Orchestra