Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Aesthetic Jewels via Eri Nobuchika Redux!

Swing Out Loveliness – Sonic Sublimity from the Loveliest + Mightiest in the World

Still trying to figure out how to get back to L.A. or to San Francisco in time for the early June shows, but I must!!!! A move to either city (back to L.A. or to SF for the first time) is in the works, but it surely won't be in two weeks, so it'll have to be a quick jaunt! In the meantime for all else, check the loveliness!!! xo, B.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Loveliness of the Perennial/Eternal Sort

One thing I love about Facebook – was reminded of this mighty classic by the goddess Liane Carroll (who I'm jealous got to see the lovely Madeline Bell last week)! Yes, I've been posting all my best on there + neglecting here, but I'll be dividing my time better shortly... The long + short is that I hate Austin, but a move is in the works, even if it's back to sad old L.A. Thank god it's gay church day ($1 mimosas + $1 drafts)... xo, B.