Thursday, November 16, 2006

Perennial Loves (Part 1): Milo Ventimiglia

While keeping in faggy pop culture mode and reviewing miraculously brilliant quips, I found this list of quotes from the better days of Gilmore Girls. Yes, last season and the current season have been dull and inane, but if you're not willing to admit from these past lines that it was once pure genius, you're a bit of an idiot. It also gives me an excuse to post several old photographs of the perennially beautiful and godly Milo Ventimiglia from back in the day. As for his Heroes, there is something ineffably remarkable about it in a lovely Mai the Psychic Girl sort of way, and I am most certainly addicted to that at the moment as well (even aside from the loveliness of Milo, Santiago Cabrera, + (to a lesser extent) Sendhil Ramamurthry (I do still love my South Asian boys)). It might be true that only I could segue that to a list of verbal bitch-slaps from Gilmore Girls, but dig:

"You're special."
"Like 'stop eating the paste' special?"

"Drink me. I make life more fun. Everybody from a high school kid to a bum on the street knows that."

"I even put a little wine in the pan to keep it from drying out."
"Well who died and made you Sara Moulton?"

"I don't watch that much television. I don't find forensic work as fascinating as the rest of the world."

"I just hit F4 and the num. lock key and the one with the little Apple on it, and it's freakin' out, like it's on acid or something."

"It's times like these that you realize what is truly important in your life. I'm so glad I had all that sex."

"Well who died and made you Hayley Mills?"

"She's so excited."
"She's brainwashed. She's Patty Heart and my mother's the SLA."

"I was Ricardo Montalban's receptionist for six months and he never complained."
"Don't make me hit you."

New Loves (Part 2): "It's Like Betty Crocker + Charles Manson Had a Lovechild, And He's Cooking For Me."

My other new reluctant penchant of late has been a gnawing/begrudging addiction to Bravo's Top Chef—and the lovely-in-an-obvious-white-boy-way Sam Talbot (don't worry I'll get back to my foremost true love for all Latin boys briefly). I'll hold off on my food-culture as aesthetic wallpaper/ideal for living till an imminent other post, but will say that TC is still a sub-par take on Food Network's Next Food Network Star—whose godly Andrew Schumacher was robbed last season, but at least had his spot taken by the occasionally entertaining Guy Fieri. That said, I will briefly divert from my ramblings on Seijun Suzuki, Jazztronik, Roni Size, and such, to be an obvious fag for a moment and say that Sam is rather fucking hot, the competition has gotten hilarious and on rare occasions culinarily vibrant (though not fucking half as much as it should be), Padma Lakshmi always seemed like a bitch back in her days of hosting FN's Melting Pot, and still does, and tonight's taking out of Marisa + Josie was a nice blow (no, I don't get like this over that Bravo sibling moronic fashion reality fagfest). To have that chased by a preview with my sage source for vitriolic, perverse, and fuck-all brilliant wit, Tony Bourdain, spouting the psychotropically ingenious line that gives this post its subtitle left me anxious for next Wednesday (which I'll have to tape because I'll be going back and forth from Andy Caldwell (more to come on him) and Brasileiro sonic god DJ Marky, but that's another story elsewhere along my obtusely disconnected synapses...). In the meantime, I posted this screen-grab of Sam rather than the actual clip because it's just more aesthetically sound. Feel free to visit YouTube for it.

New Loves (Part 1): Dave Annable

I have no snobbery about subscribing to random elements of (backward US) pop culture if I find some aspect of it decent (a rare occasion)—and there are beautiful men involved. Of late, I've developed a rather grand crush on Dave Annable, who plays recovering junkie/alcoholic/youngest sibling on ABC's Brothers + Sisters. Whether calming a young girl while he shoots her up with insulin (nothing nefarious in that scene actually, just chivalrous and lovely), or spelling words on his girlfriend's back—with his tongue—this boy is sexy as fuck, even enough to make me watch a show that casts Calista Flockhart as a right-wing pundit and Rachel Griffiths as anything other than an endearing psychotic. As expected, I watch just because I'm in love with Dave, and wanted to post a rather gorgeous photograph of him.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sex God of the World + The Most Achingly Sublime Boy Alive: Cory Koons

Who fortunately spent several years getting gang-fucked in some of the loveliest fag porn ever filmed, for the mighty Raging Stallion. This beautifully oversatured new photograph came to my epically grateful eyes via his MySpace page.

A Gorgeous Interlude Via Bombay