Friday, March 18, 2011

Tranquility + Staggeringly Brilliant Aesthetics—to the Sound of Wim Mertens

It's well-known that I've lived by my love of Japanese film and music since I was 20 at the latest, and for me no other country has produced so many ineffably brilliant artistic gods—the mightiest creative minds of our time, providing boundless joy in a thousand different hues. Seeing the country literally in tatters and in inconceivable further danger, I'm looking for whatever aesthetic inspiration and any sort of calmness I can find at the moment. While working on compiling a post with the loveliest benefit projects by designers and the most credible sources for where to donate (I was infuriated by a piece that said that Verizon and AT+T were taking as much as 3 MONTHS to send donations given by text), and another with a primer of the Japanese music that has defined me for the last 2 decades, this project by Kinetura seemed an apt moment of idyllic distraction. Also it's my first salve in trying to remedy the fact that while I paper my Facebook wall with it, I haven't been posting ANYWHERE NEAR the amount of staggering aesthetic bliss I find daily via Inhabitat on this wall. And if I needed another reason, it's set to a magnificent piece by timeless Crepuscule piano genius Wim Mertens.........

Sending much love and best thoughts to my brothers and sisters in Japan,
xo, B.